happy coco! branding

Take the water of a fresh chopped coconut. Done!

Did you ever sit in the hot shadow of a palm tree and drank the chilled fresh juice of a coconut? The answer might be “yes” or “no” but never “perhaps” because you won’t forget it that soon!

Fresh coconut water is full of enzyms, minerals, vitamins and it is isotonic by nature. Happy Coco! is launching this liquid power to the European market in its pure original form: 100% raw, never heated, no additives, organic certified. It’s filled from the King Coconut directly into the bottle, that’s it.

The King Coconut is native to Sri Lanka and produces less pulp then other coconut types. So it keeps all its nutrients inside the water. The palms of Happy Coco! are growing on organic farms in Sri Lanka.

Coconut water has a very special way to show its vitality if it is raw and not heated: it’s turning pink by nature! In deed it turns choking pink, if it’s in the mood. This process is completely in the hands of nature. This is why Happy Coco! also leaves all the copyrights to the author:

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