Christof Post

Relaunch of the website of Christof Post, Styling and Art direction – Berlin.

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Flexible Logo Brettenbach

Recently, a Raven is living on top of the lettering of Brettenbach Kommunikationsdesign.

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BMBF Editorial



Find and support gifted children
Published by the german Ministry of Education and Research

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Yumuri Branding

The best way to predict the future, is to shape it. / Willy Brandt
Yumuri takes the next step into the future and invites you to participate.
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SuQu Photography

SuQu Photography was looking for a new logo and an illustrative character wich assists  the child photographer with a few grips and some interesting stories.
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ASA European

Can you trigger interest for an obstinate programed website without even touching it?
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Zazen illustration

Illustration of Zen meditation.
The Illustrations show the different positions being practiced within sitting and walking meditation.

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Stay straight and flexible- two things who contradict themselves?
Or complement each other?
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Ribbon & Partner

Illustration of the grounder of Ribbon&Partner, Hamburg.

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Fashion Infographic

Illustration for OTTO Gmbh, Hamburg.
Corporate design for all icons and technical illustrations of print medias, catalogues, magazines etc.

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