Ni” Jeanette Flick

My name is Jeanette. I’m spezialized on corporate design for product-, brand- and company identities. I develop visual concepts for presentations, publications, promotion- and project ideas.

No matter how complex or simple an idea seams to be, each one is asking: “How can you give me a face.. get to the point.. translate my message.. let me speak for myself?”

Each project stands and falls with the ability to communicate its potential and the sense for the values, themes and issues of the people, you want to reach. If things do well, they apply to the work in a natural pure way and appear in a significant and characteristic style.

Working as a designer gives me the chance to meet people with great ideas. They are my major incentive to constantly develop, to experiment and find out, what design can do. The more we mindfully turn to something, the more we will discover within.

Ni” how


Photo: Susanne Beimann